10 Fun Ways to Dye Easter Eggs!

Easter Egg DecoratingEeee! I am really excited about this post because I LOVE decorating Easter Eggs! Last year was the first year that Wyatt could really help drop them in, etc. So I am really really excited to dye eggs with him this year! Usually we just do the normal dip in the dye, sometimes we get really fancy and dip the egg two different colors (insert “ooh’s and ahhh’s here). BUT this year we’re going to change it up and get fancy! Here are a few ideas that I spotted that I absolutely LOVE!

10 FUN Ways to Dye Easter Eggs:

  1. Tie Dye Easter Eggs / The Nerds Wife
  2. Silk Dyed Easter Eggs / It’s a Fabulous Life
  3. Monogram Easter Eggs / The Nerds Wife
  4. Pipe Cleaner Bunny Easter Eggs / The Nerds Wife
  5. Confetti Easter Eggs / Thrifty Jinxy
  6. Painting with Plastic Easter Eggs / Songbirds and Buttons
  7. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs / The Nerds Wife
  8. Glitter Dot Easter Eggs / The Nerds Wife
  9. Electrical Tape Easter Eggs / Indie Fixx
  10. Ombre Easter Eggs / The Nerds Wife



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