Photograph by- Norbert Schaefert

Quitting smoking flat out sucks, there’s just no way to butter it up.

One minute you feel perfectly fine, the next- you’re ready to punch a hole in the wall.
But, thanks to the patch and a very supportive husband (who has also quit too), It’s manageable. It’s only been one week and I already feel a change.

1) I am now able to go up a flight of stairs without my sails running out of wind.

2) Things taste better, more flavorful.

3) Money in the bank ya’ll.

It’s crazy to think about the $ I’m saving just by ditching this stinky ( No, I take that back- it’s a beautiful thing when I pass a smoker and take in the tainted breeze). Unhealthy?

Yeah, just bad and nasty habit.

A pack a day at about $6.50 x 2 (husband also) = $13.00

x 30 (avg. month)= $390.00/ month.
That’s more than half of my rent! Crazy.

So, needless to say I’m feeling healthier and better about myself, my life-span, and the extra money pocketed.