Life has gotten pretty crazy, Wyatt is nearly 8 months old now and I can’t even begin to describe how fast it all has gone by. I try to take time each day to slow down and enjoy him, this is usually during bedtime when I wrap him up in a soft blanket, hold him close, and slowly rock him to sleep. I watch as his little eyes close and wonder what he is dreaming, I know it must be something half decent because he always smiles in his sleep. Things like sitting down to read an entire magazine, or having the time to do a craft project rarely happen anymore but I believe the trade-off is well worth it. I am going to however attempt to make more time for these things and I’d love it if you came along with me as I attempt to manage it all. School {one year left}, my marriage {he still loves me even with the stretchmarks, and my son Wyatt {who I couldn’t imagine my life without}.

So what do ya say, welcome me back with open arms? I promise to post lots of cute baby pictures!