{Ain’t I just the cutest thang you ever did see?}

Today has been really crazy. School all morning- homework all afternoon- then some crafting- gotta make dinner in about 45 minutes- then more crafting/blogging, etc. And although it whoops me day after day- I am LOVING it! I wanted to do a simple, yet adorable post for you guys- so here it is!!!

{My couch before- note the plain-jane pillows}

Something HAD to be done.

{Side Note: Mason did not help at all with this project}

Steps to making YOUR VERY OWN Cutesy Pillow:

1. Measure & Cut felt
2. Use a ruler to draw straight lines about half an inch away from the edge leaving an opening at the top of the pillow about 5 inches across.

{My pillow shown here is 15inches x 15inches}

3. Sew along the lines you drew

4. After you’re done sewing, turn the pillow case inside-out.

{It should look like this}

5. Cut out flower petals using opposite color felt and set aside.
6. Use a dinner plate, or just free-hand a circle on the brown felt with marker (this will be how large your flower is.
7. Using hot glue, begin to glue your petals over the circle you drew. The middle of each petal should line up with the circle.

{Make sure the petals are touching each other}

8. Move on to the next row, and overlap petals like this:

9. Continue gluing on your petals:

10. Keep going- almost done!

11. Add a button to the middle by either sewing it on-or gluing it on.
{I did both just to make sure it would be extra-secure}

12. Stuff pillow with filler.

{ I destroyed an older pillow to fill mine, very messy idea, I would not recommend this.}

13. Sew up the top of your pillow & YOUR DONE!!

{Now, that’s better}

Run-down of materials:

1 yard dark brown felt
1 yard antique white felt
1 spool of brown thread
1 needle
1 glue gun
1 bag glue sticks
1 marker
1 ruler
1 pair of scissors
1 adorable button of your choice
About 2 hours.

Hope this added a bit of cuteness to your day!