Hey guys, just wanted to share this awesome deal I came across while shopping at my local Walmart. It’s for a Febreze Fall gift set including a candle, room spray, air freshener, and tissues.

 I bought mine today for $9.98 and inside is a card with a special code. After you purchase yours, go here and scroll down to the very bottom where you see the fine print. Just mail your receipt (and card with code just to be safe) to the address listed and they will send you a $12 rebate check in the mail! Limit one per household.

If you don’t want the rebate, they have a list of magazines you can choose from to get a free 1 year subscription.

Gift Set: $9.98
= $2.02 money making deal!

PS: I am a sucker for fall scented anything, and freebies so this was definitely a winner!