Yesterday was just one of those days-
where everything seemed to go wrong-
Just a rotten day.
I needed a little something to remind myself that most of the time, it’s not worth stressing over. And you really can’t help the situations in which you have no control.
So I made myself a little daily reminder, I’ve loved the Keep Calm and Carry On signs since I first spotted them- but buying one costs an arm & a leg! Really, I couldn’t believe how expensive it was to get one. So, in the meantime- until I save enough money, I’ll use this:

{An old Picture Frame}
{Some scrap booking paper, paint, stamps, ribbon & love}

{ A daily reminder – (we’ll see if it works ๐Ÿ™‚ }

PS: Since yesterday was so crummy– today will have to be an EXTRA wonderful day!!