This post will shock and amaze you.
I’m just surprised I’m actually sharing it.
Well, yesterday I wanted to do a little something to spruce up my lamp. A skirt to make her a bit cuter I thought. So I cut individual flower petals from some scrap felt I had, and used my handy-dandy glue gun to adhere them on. But, when I went to place the shade back on the lamp, this is what happened.
{Clearly upside-down}
{ Doesn’t look too terrible does it? It’s kind of growing on me…}

Then the next day I decided to make a sunburst from toilet paper rolls. I saw it somewhere (and can’t remember where now), and the idea has been in my head. SO, I got together some toilet paper rolls, cut them up, and began gluing.{I started with a small flower, and built off that}

I couldn’t seem to get it completely round, so I kept gluing more & more!
Then came the point where I ran out of rolls! So, I thought some baby blue spray paint would help.

{It didn’t}

So, it’s going up on the wall, until I have more supplies- then the re-building will begin.
It’s going to be awesome I promise- just give me some time…
And perhaps your spare toilet paper rolls?