This momma is completely out of steam.
Lack of sleep and overconsumption of coffee have clouded my brain.
We took Wyatt in on the 10th for testing, (blood,pee, and poo).
They said they will get the results back by the end of the week.
All we can do is keep feeding him bland foods,
And keep monitoring his liquids (lactose-free milk & water).

His diaper rash has gotten so bad that we cannot use wipes.
I mix baby soap, apricot oil, burts bees lotion, and water – and soak washcloths in it.
I have been using those to wipe his raw bum and he doesn’t mind it as much as his wipes.
A great post I used for reference can be found here.

But each time we change his diaper – he screams, and cries.
When I put on his diaper cream – he screams, and cries.
It hurts my heart so much.
I feel terrible for him and his little tush.

I have been giving him oatmeal baths and they seem to help a bit –
there’s a great diy here.

For the past 10 days he has been waking up at night screaming.
I go in his room and he has pooped through his diaper, pjs, and even his sheet.
I am now in zombie mode – and go through the routine of cleaning him up,
and bringing him into bed with William and I until he has fallen back asleep.
Then I go in, change out his sheets – and place my newly-lavender-smelling baby back in bed.
And I’m usually up an hour later to bust out the washcloths to comfort and change him again.

I called into his doctors today to check-in and let them know that it is not getting better.
They said one test did come back – the test for rotovirus – and it was negative.
So we can now rule that out.

I am just very anxious to know what is wrong.
I’m feeling very discouraged, and impatient.
Oh, and tired – very, very tired.

Oh, and yesterday was my birthday – I’m officially one year older. And although I wish Wyatt would have been feeling a bit better – it was a special day because I was able to spend it with him. And although things are pretty tough right now – I cannot let myself forget how lucky I am. I am so incredibly blessed.