Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments regarding Wyatt. You all are so sweet and it means so much. Things are getting a bit better – and to avoid getting into too much detail – I’ll just say things are more “solid” over here.

Wyatt is on an antibiotic and probiotic and all of his test results (blood, poo) came back normal except for his urine samples which show two different bacteria growing. This was tested twice – so it’s accurate. Little man has a UTI & a virus. We are on day 13 or 14 – it’s really hard to keep track. The past two weeks seem like a really long dream.

He still isn’t sleeping well and wakes up in the night screaming. His face wrinkles into a grimace as he goes potty – and he often runs over to me to hold hands while he goes. I just feel terrible because he is so uncomfortable. I hate not really knowing what is wrong. I asked the doctor – “what kind of virus?” and he said in order to give me an exact answer – he’d have to spend thousands for testing – and no one does that. Not really my kind of answer – in fact, it kind of made the situation worse. We’ve been doing all that we can at home, giving Wyatt his medicines, keeping him on his bland diet, rubbing his tush with every.single.kind.of.diaper.cream.ever.made. and more. And we seem to be caught up in this endless loop of dancing with the doctors – it’s like the record is skipping.

Treat Wyatt at home, take him back in for testing, wait for results, get results, treat him at home, go in for testing, wait. wait. wait. It’s driving me crazy. The only sliver of hope I can hold onto is the fact that the doctors no longer seem too concerned. They think Wyatt will be better in no time. So, what’s the plan of action? We are going to keep doing what we’re doing at home – and take Wyatt in to re-test his urine on Thursday. Hopefully his UTI will be gone by then and the test results come back fine – if not, the loop will continue and there will be more dancing around with the doctors. I’m really hoping that he is better.

Holding him in my arms and looking down at his little sad face breaks my heart.
I love this baby more than anything in the entire world.
I wish I could take any discomfort he feels and put the hurt on myself.

(side note: His behind has stopped bleeding – a combination of A&D covered by Destin has helped out tremendously. I strongly recommended this combination if your little one ever has terrible diaper rash.)

Here’s hoping that the worst is over & I’ll have Wyatt back to normal in no time!
A very sleepy – and exhausted momma,