We are back from our mini-vacation and it was so lovely! 
We relaxed, swam, played, slept in a king sized bed, and enjoyed our larger than life bath tub. 
It was nice to just kick back and enjoy some good old fashioned family time together. 
These photos are all from my Instagram account (found here). 
I took A LOT of photos and can’t wait to edit them + share them with you!
William and I love to travel with Wyatt – he is just so much fun! 
This time we went back to Frankenmuth, Michigan and stayed for two nights at a hotel in the area. With coupons + certificates + our membership card we snagged the room for a pretty awesome price – and we had the weekend free – so we thought, why not?
It was nice to take a step back from everything that was stressing me out. Especially since we start the next round of fertility treatments this week. It was a nice way to just let go, rejuvenate, and clean the slate.
I am so excited to share the rest of our visit with you (including some pretty adorable pictures of Wyatt!). But, for now I am going to unpack, get some laundry started, and maybe snuggle my guys a little bit more before the week starts up again.
Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!

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