354dba2cc33411e3b1fe0002c95701dc_8 Wyatt & Levi bowties c/o Beau Hudson







Our little Easter was pretty special this year – so special it took up two weekends! Last Sunday was the big Easter Egg hunt, Wyatt had such a fun time running around and seeing all the other little ones scramble for eggs. Wyatt wasn’t interested in keeping the eggs, but he sure did like to throw them and watch them crack open! Oh, and HOW CUTE ARE THE BOWTIES? I love making the boys match and these bowties from Beau Hudson were just so adorable! The rest of the outfits (blue shirts and jeans) were just in their closets! I am going to treasure these pictures forever! ๐Ÿ™‚

This weekend was packed full of fun stuff for us too. I gave Wyatt a haircut!

Tip: If you’re going to cut your toddlers hair – just give them your phone! It will be SO much easier, I promise. I gave Wyatt my phone and he just sat there! Magic!

We also dyed eggs, had our own Easter Egg hunt in the backyard, and did some major yard work at our house! We bought and installed a small recycled rubber patio for our backyard – we love to sit outside and now we finally have a little space. Plus if Wyatt falls on it he will be safe because it’s not cement! We picked out some new flowers, weeded, raked, and pulled out some shrubs. It’s really shaping up! Emma helped too.

And of course Easter wouldn’t be complete without a delicious dinner, right? We got KFC. Yup, I didn’t cook. I planned on it – but we were outside all day having fun and the kids godmother came over to play too – so by dinnertime rolled around we had nothing started. It was kind of perfect, and I can’t wait for next Easter! (I’ll be more prepared meal-wise, I swear).

How was YOUR Easter?