I love…
The noises you make when you chase your kitty around the house.
{You grunt with determination}
The fact that you want what I have at all times.
{Even if it’s just a water bottle}
That you smile at the sound of a bell.
{You have the BEST smile}
When you wrap your arms around my arm when you sleep.
{Even though you are the sweatiest sleeper. ever.}
How you always want to have cuddle time in the afternoon.
{and in the evening if I’m lucky}
I don’t enjoy…
How fast you are growing up.
{You’re going to be a whole year old in May}
Getting an e-mail titled, “your toddler.”
{I remember when those e-mails described the various stages of pregnancy}
The fact that you say da-da wayyyy more than you say ma-ma.
{We’ll work on that.}
But most of all, I love you.

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