A cabin on the lake, browsing around at antiques, getting not one but two lovely date nights with the hubby (thanks mom!). This trip was amazing. Just what I needed to take a deep breath, think about all that I am blessed with – and get my head straight again. Sometimes there are just a million things going on and you just have to step away – if only for a day or two. I am so happy that I did – two days without the computer (although I am guilty of checking e-mail on my phone) was such a nice breather! We came home and our whole kitchen was flooded – computer was soaked – cabinets were filled with water – carpet was wet – the works. Turns out our neighbors above us left their sink on (who does that!). Luckily, everything dried up – the computer turned on – and not much was damaged (except for the ceiling). It was unfortunate but it was hard to focus on that when I had such an amazing weekend. This was a minor set back – and everything worked out fine.
Now I am ready to move forward and get this new week started. 
I cannot wait to start working with the NUBY company – I didn’t officially make the announcement but I am now one of their mommy bloggers. This means Wyatt and I get to test out all kinds of products, give them away here on the blog, and my favorite part – donate products to people who really need them (I get to pick three charities in the area to work with and donate NUBY products!). 
Another big thing is that I recently got a job (I start tomorrow). I am looking forward to working again – but in order to do this I have to take a hiatus from my schooling. It is a decision that William and I went back and forth on – but it was me who ultimately decided to take a break from school and let William focus on getting his masters degree. He will continue to work – but only part time so he can focus on his studies. He has one year left – then he’ll be going on to get his doctorate and start teaching! Getting used to the new schedule will take some getting used to – but we’ll work out all of the kinks. I’ll watch Wyatt during the day – and then I’ll be working nights.
Ooh I miss the lake already. Can’t wait to go back.
**A big shout-out to my mom who let us stay with her for free for two days – it was amazing! We love you so much and are SO grateful!**