I worry that Wyatt is 15 months old and only really says two words.
He says “dada” all of the time – and “mama” when he is in distress.
I’ve heard him use “puppa“(for his grandpa) and “nana“(grandma) but he rarely says them.
According to this article on BabyCenter, a 15 month old should know “mama”, “dada“, and three other words.

I have tried to be very active in Wyatt’s learning.
Making sure we read everyday (usually early morning, afternoon, and before bed),
Go to the library,
Do learning sensory activities,

Sensory Bin.

I know I am probably worrying over nothing.
And sometimes I forget that the little guy was a whole month early,
So he will be a whole month behind.

But deep down I can’t help but feel like I am doing something wrong as a mother.
Or that I am not doing enough.

Like any mother, I want what is best for him.

I want to give him the world. 
If you’ve been in a similar situation –
and can offer some advice, I’d really appreciate it.
Also, if you have any learning activities to suggest
please leave the link in the comments.
I’ve started a board on pinterest here with some ideas if you’re looking for some as well.