This weekend was so much fun! On Saturday we went to an event in the area with bouncy castles, helicopter rides, PONY rides – where Wyatt saddled up and rode a pony named Popcorn – his first EVER pony ride that lasted a good 30 seconds until the tears came and then he just wanted to pet her. Which is fine by me, just seeing him in that riding helmet melted my heart. We walked out by the lake and looked at all of the pretty lilly pads and even spotted a fish or two swimming under the dock. Then we ate our lunch by the lake, watching the helicopters land to pick up new passengers and then float off into the sky. Wyatt really enjoyed it. The next day Wyatt and I went shopping with his Nana – who spoiled him and me (like always). She got him the goodies pictured (clothes from Baby Gap, shoes from Stride rite). And seriously, how cute is that sweater? Can’t wait for winter to get here!

We wrapped up the weekend with two birthday parties on Sunday. One for my niece and nephew and one for my brother Alex who was turning 21. The boys took him out for his birthday the night before while us ladies (and Wyatt) shopped. I think it was the first time in years William had gone to a bar. It was funny – because he said “Man, staying up until 12 is just too much – it’s soooo late!”

And this brought me back to memories of when we’d be up until 5am having movie marathons in our pj’s. My have times changed. But, our lives are so full now. We are a little family. We get to do “family” things together and watch our son grow. And I wouldn’t change that for anything.

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