The Clinic

Hubby helping me load!

The goodies!

Wyatt & I

Wow, talk about an amazing experience.
My favorite part about being a Nuby Mommy Blogger – is the fact that I get to do things like this!
It was my first charity event with Nuby and I was so excited to go and drop off all of the goodies.
I knew exactly what charity I wanted to work with – it’s a children’s clinic near us.
One that we have taken Wyatt to before.

I remember the first time we brought Wyatt there –
he was a teeny tiny little thing there to get his immunizations.
The experience of him getting shots was terrible,
after we were done the nurse handed him a handmade cloth toy.
And he loved it.
He held it tightly in his little dimpled hand and smiled.

It warmed my heart.
I had to ask where the little toy came from –
and the nurse told me that an elderly lady in the community makes them for the babies.
I remember thinking how amazing that lady was –
how big her heart must be.
And I secretly wondered if she knew just how much of a difference she was making for all of the little, fearful babies who came into that clinic each day.

Well the next time we brought Wyatt in, I asked about the lady.
And the nurses told me that she had fell ill and was no longer making the cloth toys.
My heart sank and I knew I wanted to take over with the making of the toys.
It was around this time that I was accepted as a Nuby mommy blogger –
And I knew this clinic was the first place I needed to work with.

So I filled out the paperwork, got the approval, and the items were shipped to my house.
I had no idea how many there were going to be.
But I was shocked when the UPS man lugged a gigantic box up the steps.
Talk about generous.
Nuby had donated 36 Tickle Toes!
Soft, plush, stuffed animals that giggle when you tickle their feet!

So we loaded up the car (thanks hubby), and made the drive to the clinic.
But when we got there, we learned that the elderly woman had passed.
And they were so incredibly thankful for our donation.
My heart sank at the thought of the woman’s passing.
I wondered if she had gotten to see how much joy she had brought.

As we handed over the boxes, I began to feel a little better.
I looked down beside me to see Wyatt smiling back up at me.
What an incredible gift this was for him,
what an amazing thing he was able to be a part of.

Thank you Nuby for donating these goodies – I hope you know how much joy you are bringing the sweet little ones who come into the clinic each day. And thank you so much for letting my family and I be apart of this. It is an experience we will not soon forget.