Things have been busy lately.
Staying at home with Wyatt, working, and going to school full-time.
And that’s not even factoring in laundry, housework, etc.
Following a schedule has been our best friend.
And things have been going pretty well.
We are feeling very blessed.

I get to hang out with my sweetie pie all day long.
We go for walks, read books, and most of all snuggle.
And lately Mason has been joining in too.

We got Wyatt’s halloween costume in the mail.
He is going to be a shark this year!
I was able to snatch up this adorable costume from Children’s Place for $15!

Oh, and look what I found in the garbge last night!
Yeah, I took it from the garbage!
(well, I didn’t because it was too heavy – I had William grab it).
I am so excited to re-vamp this guy!
Stay tuned…

So, things have been crazy – but very good as well.
Weekends are family time – and we’ve been doing lots of fun fall things together.
Going to the Zoo, the pumpkin patch, cider mill, etc.
Isn’t fall the best!?

What have you been up to?