where wyatt gets his curls.

walking with daddy.

Prudence in a boot.

cousin nap time.

Prudence being adorable.

bath time fun.

lighting things on fire.

best agenda ever.

my brother alex & I.

schoolwork with mason.

breakfast with baby.

Things have been crazy lately.
I’ve had a headache for about 5 days straight.
My two wisdom teeth on the left side are growing in wrong.
Wyatt and William took me to the dentist (again) on Friday morning for x-rays.
I guess I need to see a specialist to have them removed.
I’ve tried calling – and calling – and can’t get anyone to answer.
So, until I can book it – I will have to deal with the pain, swelling, and terrible headaches.
It’s not been fun people.

This weekend was my husbands family “fall party” where we all just got together and hung out. Wyatt loved running around outside and especially loved smiling at everyone. There was one point during the day where Wyatt and his twin cousins were all sleeping at the same time, in the same room (see photo above). It was just the cutest thing ever to walk in there and hear the baby snores.

And then today, we went to my brother Alex’s and played with his new kitten Prudence.
She was just the sweetest thing ever, just like my brother.
Someone had dropped her off in a Huggies box outside of our vet –
I saw a photo of her on fb and immediately forwarded it to Alex.
-the rest is history-
How could you look at that kitten and NOT want to take her home.
I practically begged my husband, but he was not into the idea…

Anyways, sorry if this post is scattered – because my brain is a bit scattered right now.

Hope you had a lovely weekend!