So there are the rest of the pictures from our trip.We went to a place called Bronner’s which is basically the BIGGEST Christmas store in the world (no seriously – that’s the claim!). It’s amazing.You’re surrounded by lights – ornaments – and Christmas music is booming from the speakers.We try to go there before each Christmas to make a personalized ornament with Wyatt and it’s something that William & I have been doing together for years.

To do a little comparison – I took the photos of the last time we took Wyatt and put them next to the photos of when we took him this time.

Wyatt 3 months old // Wyatt 16 months old

He just happened to fall asleep BOTH times that we took him.
Seriously, I take you to the most exciting and magical place – and you fall asleep?
Well – at least we got a good photo comparison out of it.
Maybe next year he will stay awake!
I really can’t believe how much he has grown – so quickly!
It seems like just yesterday we were taking him for the first time.

Oh goodness.