I absolutely hate this question.
And I get it all the time.
Places we frequent, people we know – they all end up asking at one point or another.
And each time it happens a little part of my heart breaks.
I just want to scream.

The truth is we’ve been trying for months.
And it’s just not happening.
I’ve shared bits and pieces of my Endometriosis journey here, here, and here.
I’ve talked about having surgery to remove it –
and I’ve talked about the fact that each day, it grows back more and more.

I guess this is just a topic that I’m sensitive about.
I am happy when others announce that they’re pregnant.
But it also hurts.
I know this is selfish.
I know I shouldn’t have negative emotions.
Because this only makes it worse.

I guess I’m just lucky to have a husband that stabilizes me.
A husband that rubs my back and tells me it’s going to work out when I’m sobbing into my pillow.
A husband who believes in our future – and believes that there will be another baby in it.

I believe God has a plan for me.
A plan for my family.
And I just need to trust in him.