My toddler has a way of checking me back to reality. I’ve been bumming out lately because of the medical issues I’ve been experiencing and to be honest, I’ve been feeling a little sorry for myself. Yesterday I went to the doctors and found out that on top of everything, I have a bad bladder infection. So now there is more pain and more medicine.

I woke up in a bad/stressed out mood without even giving the day a chance. I was sore, in pain, and crabby. I laid on the couch curled up and put cartoons on the television and Levi in his swing. Wyatt came up to me and snuggled right beside me and reached out for my hand. His small touch made me realize that he counts on me each day to be there for him – and at that moment I wasn’t doing a great job. I turned off the tv, turned on some music, and started to play with him. Within a few minutes my whole mood was changed. We were laughing and having a great time together – just the two of us, playing with cars.

Having kids has made me appreciate love so much more than I ever did before. The little love that is given – the touch of a hand – the smallest and shortest of snuggles – that is what matters. Not who’s mad at you, what other people think of you, or what mess you’re in. All that matters is your happiness and the happiness of those who depend on you.

Sometimes it feels good to be silly. It feels good to goof-off and get lost in a puzzle or a pile of matchbox cars. And it feels good to dance around, splash in the tub, and make a mess. Most importantly, it feels good to be his mom – because he is constantly challenging me, teaching me, and changing my heart. And I’m just watching as all of this happens.

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 Do you ever get lost in your own crabbiness?
What pulls you out of it?