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I am loving our Dream Car Series here on the blog – I love that you comment telling me what car you drive, what you love about it, and what you’d recommend for a family car. I love hearing your opinions and it will really help me in my search!

I know trucks aren’t the most ideal vehicles for families but being from the south I just can’t help it! Everyone down there drives a truck. They’re awesome for hauling big loads (target shopping trips in my case) and are awesome for when you have to move. But then again if you have a truck you are always the one asked to help move – so I’m starting to second-guess these truck thoughts.

There is just something so appealing about this 2014 Ram 1500 SLT. I feel like I would feel incredibly safe riding in the big rig and I’d be comforted by the fact that my kids would be safe too! Getting in and out might be a bit of a challenge since I am a little short – but it would be amazing to have this kind of vehicle, especially in the winter weather! I always see the big trucks just plow right through the mess while others slip and slide all over the road.

Would you drive a truck like this with your kids?
Do you think a truck would make a good family vehicle?
Share your thoughts below!