Dear Wyatt,
There are these moments that we have together. Small, sweet moments that I always want to remember. Like earlier this morning – when I watched your small dimpled hand guide your train across its track. Or later when you splashed in the tub and kept looking up at me with a giant grin.You are such a caring, sweet boy – and you’re always smiling. Some days are really hard for me. I have a hard time sleeping because of the pain from my endo and you just seem to make that all disappear. Some nights when I’m up late and not feeling well I just go in your room to watch you sleep, and it puts me at ease. You are now 19 months old. You love bubble baths, magnets, puzzles, and hardcover books. You dislike stopping at stop lights, strangers, and turning off the tv.

You are always smiling – and drawing people in toward you. You make friends everywhere you go. Even when you’re sleeping.Oh, and you love your daddy, so incredibly much. You light up when he comes home from work. I just love watching the two of you together. You are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. And although you don’t talk quite yet – I know you love me too. Because I can feel it – each time you wrap your arms around me. Each time you climb up to sit next to me, or rest your hand on my knee. I am so grateful. I am so lucky to be your momma.

I love you so much, bear.