If you were to walk into our home, you’d see Cheerios sprinkled around in various places.

 You’d see stickers and sheets of colored paper lying on the floor (from Valentine’s Day projects of course). You’d see a crazy curly-headed toddler running around (probably pant-less) singing songs composed of babbles and small words. You would most definitely be surrounded by many cozy blankets – just ready to pick up and snuggle with. And there is a 99% chance that a candle WILL be lit (hence the black marks on the ceiling). It would be a sweet smell like vanilla or some other baked good smelling deliciousness.

If you’re lucky and happened to stop by during movie time – we’d probably be watching Winnie The Pooh because it’s Wyatt’s favorite. If it isn’t movie time don’t worry – you’ll still be entertained by many lift-the-flap books featuring fun and exciting activities (like finding baby’s valentine + more!). And if you’re allergic to cats – beware. We’ve got two little ladies prancing around that we love dearly.

So my question to you is…

If I walked into your house – what would I see?