There are some nights that I can’t help but stare.
I watch as his chest slowly rises and then descends downward.
I watch his small dimpled hands curl up around his blanket as he brings it up to his chin.

I guess I sometimes am still taken aback at how much I love him.
I know, statement of the year right there.
Everyone loves their kids.
But – really.. it can really get you sometimes.

If you do not have kids I can tell you this much.
Nothing will ever prepare your heart for the day you first meet your baby.
Sometimes it gets filled to the brim and feels like it’s going to explode puppy dogs and rainbows.
It is such a precious thing.
Such an amazing thing.
And nothing beats the feeling of your baby smiling at you.

Wyatt is such a gift.
William and I are so lucky that we were able to have him.
Sometimes I watch the two of them playing on the floor and think to myself…
How did I get so lucky?”

It’s important to always be thankful, to be humble, and to be genuine.
Those are things I want to pass onto my son.
I hope that when he is older – and reading these posts – he feels how much he is loved.
At least a portion of it.
Because no blog, book, or anything I could ever write would compare to what I feel in my heart.

Are you ever overwhelmed with love or gratitude?