Hey folks!
Welcome to the first ever Share-a-Shop Saturday!
Who’s excited? Woot! Woot! (Yeah, I just said “woot-woot” – which in turn means that I spend waaayyy too much time chatting with Kimberly.)
Alright – enough talk
On to the shop! 
The first shop is called Small Home Design and they have everything from clothing, dishtowels, coasters, business cards, and more! And what’s really cool is that most of these items can be customized. Need to see what I mean? 
Here are just some of the items you can find at Small Home Design:
Custom-printed coasters // Your kids drawings or handwriting on a dish towel
Any handwritten recipe you have – printed on a kitchen towel
Jane Austen Quote Tee
I mean, some of this stuff is seriously awesome! When I saw the handwritten kitchen towels I frantically searched for one of William’s mothers recipes to have printed. But, I couldn’t find one. The kitchen towels are definitely my favorite items on the site because I just love having a unique keepsake to remember your loved ones. You just can’t find this stuff anywhere else!
And because I know that you’ll love this shop as much as I do – 
I’ve worked with the owner Lindsay to offer you a discount code! 
 25% off your entire purchase with code: SmallHomePromo
Happy Shopping!