Hi folks! Remember when I told you 2013 was going to be the start of sharing and supporting everything handmade? Well – now it begins! I’ve created a new and fun series called Share-a-Shop Saturday. Each Saturday I will be featuring a new handmade shop! The shop owners who participate have the option of providing you with a discount codes – and the opportunity to show-off all of their amazing products! Which means shopping for us + promotion for them!

There are so many wonderful, small shops out there that deserve to be recognized! And I know that many of them are owned by fellow work-from-home mommas – and that just warms my heart. I want to use Songbirds + Buttons to help shed the spotlight on these shops – one day a week, every week.

So, who else is excited?
Can’t wait to showcase our first shop on Saturday!
PS: If you’re interested in signing up for a space – just shoot me an e-mail + I will send you the details!