Breakfast – earlier this morning. Pre-tantrum.

Please tell me you’ve been there.
Anywhere, any public place when your little one decides to …
throw a tantrum.

Today was the first time that Wyatt really, truly, had one.
And it was terrible.

I took him to storytime at the library –
a play group for tots 1 – 2 years.
We picked a spot, sat down, and it started.
Two seconds later Wyatt was going limp, throwing himself to the floor, and screaming.

I took him out of the room to cool down, and then brought him back in.
And the same thing happened.
So I took him outside again,
and brought him back in having the same thing happen AGAIN!

All of the mothers were looking at me like:
1) I was the worst mother in the world.
2) I had the worst child in the world.

Like they’ve never been there – like their child has never acted out.
And the worst part was – the instructor of the group announced to the room:
” if you have a fussy baby – you should leave.”
(Which was totally directed at Wyatt and I).

I was so embarrassed.
I want to be able to take Wyatt to things like this –
But he just wants to run free and play.

Can I really blame him for that?

Have you been here?
Please share your story.
How do you handle these types of situations?