Today was one of those days.
One of those perfect – lovely days.
We went to the cider mill again (second time in one week).
This time the petting zoo, slides, and corn maze were open.
Wyatt really loved watching the goats come up to the fence.
And he enjoyed going down the big slide with his daddy.

But most of all, he loved the corn maze.
We walked into the “start” of the maze holding hands –
but after awhile he wanted to walk on his own.
I released his hand and watched as he stepped through the maze,
all on his own.

In a few minutes time, he began to lead us.
Through the rows and rows of corn we continued.
And I just watched him.
I watched how confidently he took those steps.
I watched as he would stop to turn back, to make sure I was there.

But after awhile he didn’t turn back.
He just kept walking,
because he knew I’d be there.
Right behind him.

And as I write this – I am tearing up.
My son is growing up so quickly.
Right before my eyes.
I find comfort in the fact that he is so secure.
The fact that he knows – no matter what – I’ll always be behind him.
Watching him, supporting him, and loving him.