Lush - Current Favorites 4/14

When I was pregnant with Wyatt there was a huge sale at a store called LUSH online. I had heard about the store before, but never actually tried their products. I ordered a few things online and after I tried them – I was hooked. Now it’s 2 years later, and I’m getting into the same groove all over again. I have found myself loving LUSH! I really like the fact that their products are handmade, fresh, and all-natural. Plus, they do NOT test their products on animals which is another bonus.

I made a visit to the LUSH store in the mall the other day and spoke with a saleswoman there. She talked me into getting all of the products you see above. Some were for myself, and some were for Wyatt. (Wyatt’s items are the only blue things – the robot, and fun bar).

Out of everything I got so far. My FAVORITE item is the face mask. My hormones are going crazy right now and it’s causing my skin to break out terribly. I bought this mask for $6.99 and so far I’ve gotten 5 uses out of it (and there is still more in the jar!). The difference it has made on my skin is amazing – it is so much clearer, smoother, and much of the redness from the breakouts are gone!

Have you tried LUSH products?
What are YOUR favorites??