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Lately, I’ve been taking vitamins daily. It’s a step that I made to improve my health and it has also become a part of my beauty routine! The vitafusion MultiVites for Hair, Skin, & Nails is my favorite – they’re in gummy form and are berry flavor! Now, that’s speaking my love language. I am known to eat a gummy or two. I love that it’s not a nasty pill I have to swallow (I hate those) – these actually make it FUN to take your vitamins!

I also take one for digestive support (as seen below) and I feel like just adding vitamins into my daily routine has made a huge difference in my energy level throughout the day. I feel like I’m healthier, my skin is clearer, and my hair and nails are stronger and longer than ever. It’s pretty cool.


After I had Levi and after I had my surgery I went through a phase where my hair was falling out in HANDFULS. I’m not even over-exaggerating – you can ask my husband – he had to clean out the drains. A few girlfriends of mine told me about biotin and how great it was for hair and nails, so I picked some up. Within weeks I was able to notice my hair getting stronger, thicker, and longer. So now I take it everyday. I love that the Vitafusion hair, skin, and nails has biotin in it too – so if I skip a dose it’s no big deal. Why take a whole bunch of different vitamins when you can take one that has multiple benefits?

About Vitafusion: Vitafusion MultiVites PLUS makes nutrition taste good by combining the power of vitamins with a great tasting gummy. Healthy habits should be enjoyable so that you’ll keep on doing them. That’s why Vitafusion is helping people find their “healthy sweet spot,” where health and enjoyment collide through the small, daily activities and habits that help you healthier. All Vitafusion gummy vitamins are made in the USA with natural flavors.

vitamin 1

 I have been loving these vitamins so much that I’m making my hubby take them too! He takes the digestive health ones and loves the way they taste. They don’t have a weird texture to them at all and the flavors are actually good, so it was easy for me to talk him in to hopping on the vitamin train 🙂 It’s part of our nightly routine now – we go to the counter, take our vitamins, and then go to bed. I love that we’re making an effort to be healthier together!

Do you take vitamins?

Which ones do you take?