I know we’ve all been there.

I know we’ve all said it.

I’m going to “un-plug” and have a tech-free day/weekend.

Well this weekend – I actually did it! Almost. I didn’t use my computer ALL weekend.

I didn’t work – I didn’t write any blog posts – I didn’t even go on FACEBOOK.

Yeah, it happened. And it was pretty darn fantastic.


We played outside, got the grass cut, went a local nursery and looked at all the flowers and visited the pet store, twice. I stayed up late with my hubby vegging on the couch watching Netflix and just relaxed. 

I know it won’t be like this every weekend because things come up last-minute – work comes up last-minute, etc. But it is now my goal to make our weekends as tech-free as possible.

When is the last time you had a tech-free day?