Red Chevron Bow tie c/o IDresstoThrill

Yesterday Wyatt had his first Easter Egg Hunt!
Last year he was simply too little and it was fun to see him run around and go crazy this year.

It was held where he has his toddler band class once a week (how cool is this place?). It’s basically just an indoor soccer field FULL of fun toys and structures. It’s the highlight of Wyatt’s week for sure – and it’s on a day that William is off work so we are all able to go as a family each week. I love that Wyatt is getting more interaction with kids his age, he hates it. But, I am slowly seeing improvements in different areas each time we go.

I bet you’re wondering if he got his picture taken with the Easter Bunny? Well, yeah. He did. But it didn’t go well AT ALL. We put Wyatt on the bunny’s lap – he took one look and realized where he was sitting – and he was out of there. I only got this one picture and it’s mid-escape.

Are you doing any fun Easter activities this weekend?