Disclosure: A huge thanks to KIA for allowing us to test drive the Sorento for the week. No monetary compensation was provided – this is our honest review.


Hey everyone! 

So, last week the good old folks at KIA lent us the new 2015 KIA Sorento to test-drive for the week! So, what’d we do? We drove that baby all over! We packed up the kids, our picnic basket, and set out to have an adventure! We went to a local event and enjoyed a day of fun, food, and helicopters! 

We arrived at our destination, somewhere we go every year – and we grabbed a nice spot by the lake to eat our lunch and watch as the helicopter came in. People pay to get rides on the helicopter, but we just like to watch it take off and land! Wyatt thinks it’s the coolest! It was Levi’s first time going – and I think he had a blast! ๐Ÿ™‚
kia2 kia3 kia4 kia5 kia6 kia7 kia8

Wyatt ran around for what seemed like forever – and the smile on his face was just too precious. He had such a fun time with William goofing off and saying “WOW” really loud as the helicopters would land.

kia9 kia10 kia11

There were also some really cool cars there to look at. We walked by each one and said the color to Wyatt – at this point Levi was asleep in the stroller, all that food and helicopter watching had really taken a toll on him. ๐Ÿ˜‰


By the time we got done looking at cars, both boys were ready to go home to take a long nap. Well, they both were completely asleep when we got to the car! It was nice having a vehicle where both strollers fit perfectly with room to spare. My favorite feature in the KIA Sorento is the space – like, holy cow – there is so much space! There is even a third row of seating that you can pop up if you have additional travelers coming with ya!

kia13 kia14 kia15

I love the style and especially the interior of this car – there are so many amazing features! I can COOL my seat – and the seats in the rear! The seats were so comfortable and putting both car seats in was SO simple. Usually it is a struggle but since this car is so roomy, it took maybe 10 minutes. Oh, and the windows have attached sunscreens that you can pull up – so when we put both sleeping boys in the car – they stayed asleep! Genius! Wyatt LOVED the roof on this thing – it was huge and he could look up and see the clouds! He smiled SO big every time we opened it. 



We had such a blast taking the KIA Sorento out as a family – and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to drive it for a week! After driving this baby around town I am SOLD on the fact that our next car will be a KIA. 

Does this look like a car you would like to drive?