Some days are ordinary days filled with extraordinary moments.
Moments that make me think – why on earth do I not have my camera out!
You’re probably wondering why I can’t just remember.
Well, I like to have physical reminders. Photos.
I like to look back and remember anytime I want – and to be completely honest – I have one of those brains that only remember the useless information and not the important stuff.

There is no way I would have been able to remember the exact expression on Wyatt’s face while we were watching Finding Nemo today. Or the way Cubby (one of our cats) acted around the camera. And definitely the way Wyatt has learned how to dig for gold. This my friends is a new development. And I think it’s hilarious. Sometimes he just really goes for it and sticks a finger in each nostril – now that’s dedication.

What moments have been special to you lately?
Do you take photos to remember?