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 I’ve always been an emotional person. I’ve always taken even the smallest of things to heart, deeply. But like the old saying goes, the worst critic is myself. I’ve always felt this void, like I wasn’t enough, and there has always been a part of me that has been desperately seeking approval from others, from myself. And it’s strange to think about how many moments there have been where I’ve been trapped in that world. That world composed of only negative thoughts – hurtful voices.

When I look in the mirror I see an overweight woman who looks tired. I see bags under my eyes, unkempt hair, and usually some sort of food/stain on my shirt. That’s what I see. Because I’ve always felt like I wasn’t enough. And it goes back to my childhood and it’s a part of me that won’t ever change.

When I met my husband that all changed. He was the only person in a long time to know me inside and out and love me for exactly who I was. He made me feel like I was enough. He slowly built my confidence and made me feel more confident in myself. And after becoming a mom I felt empowered. I now had this little being that depended on ME. I was overcome with dreams that I had for our family, dreams for myself, and when we welcomed our second baby – those dreams continued to grow.


I feel like in life you will come across a select few people who will truly love you just for who you are, no alterations required. And the first person that should love you, is you. It’s been a long road getting there – but I’m finally beginning to really love the person that I am. Not to say I don’t make mistakes, don’t have areas of improvement, etc. I’m just saying that I like the person I am – I like my heart, compassion, and kindness. And looking in a mirror can’t show you those things.

I know I’m hard on myself – and I needed something to shake me out of that negative world. This video by Mrs.Band did just that. Mostly because I can relate to these women so much. I look in the mirror and I don’t feel good about the way I look – but if I stop and think about it, I start to see that I am enough

These dark circles..

are because I wake in the middle of the night to kiss Levi’s forehead and snuggle him back to sleep.

This stain..

is from coloring and creating pictures on a blank sheet of paper with Wyatt.

And this unkempt hair isn’t perfectly neat..

because today was spent hanging out with my guys, just having fun.

im enough

Sometimes the things you see – are what make you beautiful. 

You ARE enough.

If you have a minute – grab a box of tissue, and watch this Mrs.Band video:


 And tell me – do you feel like you’re enough?

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Because, you know what?