Trying to have a baby can be very consuming.
It’s something you think about multiple times per day.

Will it be this month?
How long until I ovulate?
Should I test?
How long have we been trying?
What’s next?
What if it doesn’t happen?

These are all things that can go through your head.
It’s hard.
It’s hard not knowing when/if it will happen and it’s hard not to stress (even though everyone and their mom will tell you this information like you don’t know it already).

Pink Pad Pro << I use this app to track everything.

For me, the waiting to test each month is the hardest part.
If I test too early and get a negative – I could be making myself sad for nothing.
But I rarely have the self control to actually wait until the first day my period is supposed to come.

I know it’s important to relax, and just take it day by day. Because getting yourself all worked up could be causing you to not get pregnant. This is why I’ve been taking things easy, turning down some work offers (yikes!) and scheduling time to just chill out. It’s hard to find the time – but I have to make it.

Are you trying to get pregnant?
Do you feel some of these things too?