Hey everyone!
I was contacted to do a fun decorating Q & A so of course I had to jump at the chance! 
I thought it was a really fun post idea and I can’t wait to get to the questions!
Tell us one item in your home that you could not live without?
One of my favorite items in my home is a vintage granny square afghan that I thrifted. I absolutely love the colors and just glancing at it makes me feel happy. It was only around $7 but it has now become a priceless item in our home.
We have many first-home buyers looking for their dream home in the Highlands. Tell us a bit about your dream home?

My dream home. I’ve thought about this so much. I’m really not too high-maintenance when it comes to the things that we have. As long as I have my family, I’m golden. So when it comes to a home I would love something modest. Maybe a 3 bedroom home with a nice backyard that my kids can play in. I would love to get a few lawn chairs and just sit and watch our son Wyatt and future little one run around and play. 
I do have one specific request when it comes to my dream home. It has to have a claw foot bathtub (or we have to put one in). My grandmother has a tub like that in her home and I absolutely adore it. It’s perfect for a good soak and taking bubble baths is my favorite pastime. 

What has been your favourite home DIY project so far? 
A few projects come to mind. First would have to be my gallery wall –  I love that it’s the main focal point of our living room. It’s filled with pictures of Wyatt, inspiring quotes, and small plaques that we’ve all picked out together. Each piece means something, each is special to us. I love expanding and adding to our wall with other special things.

Many home buyers find inspiration from a variety of places, such as our display homes in Selandra Rise. Where do you find inspiration for decorating your home?

I find inspiration in a lot of places. Pinterest is a great place to go for inspiration. I love to go and search for decorated living rooms, nurseries, etc. and jot down ideas. Instagram is also a great tool because you’re constantly getting inspired by what others post. So if I like a certain color, pattern, or piece of art it just sticks in my head.

How would YOU answer these questions?
I would love to hear your answers!

Disclosure: This was a sponsored post but all opinions are 100% honest and my own.