After a stressful week filled with lots of appointments we needed to get out, get some fresh air, and go to the Detroit Zoo. We walked around, packed a picnic to eat together, and just enjoyed some good weather and cute animals! A Zoo pass is probably the best investment around – and it’s not even that expensive! We got our family pass for Wyatt’s first birthday last year so it’s expiring soon – but to renew it’s only $60. So, we’ll definitely be getting another one to use for the next year!

There are just so many great learning opportunities there. And it’s a great place to point out different animals, trees, and basically anything! We are supposed to be getting Wyatt out and exposed in large groups to make him eventually feel more comfortable with people. So, this was a great place to go. Wyatt’s favorite part was the bears – he loved watching them run and play together. I love watching his face just light up when he really loves something. That’s worth the drive and cost to me.

Do you go to your local Zoo?