Today was Wyatt’s big speech evaluation.

And although it didn’t go exactly as I had envisioned it – I am definitely glad that we went, learned, and met the people who we’ll be working with for the next few months/years/however long it takes.

We sat in a small room while the therapist watched Wyatt and asked us questions.
We were there for about an hour.
There was a small observation room where Wyatt’s Puppa waited and watched us.
He was able to see the whole appointment because there was a live camera in our room – which was a blessing because I could have never remembered all that the therapist said.

The therapist sat and talked with William and I. And every so often I just looked over at William for reassurance. As soon as the therapist threw out the word “Autism” my heart sank. I told him that my nephew also has Autism. He paused and said, “Oh, so it’s in the family“.

I felt defeated.

I had walked into that room expecting for the speech therapist to laugh and say..

he’s only 22 months old – it’s okay that he isn’t talking – some just take longer than others….

He went on to tell William and I that by his observations and the answers we gave him he could gather the following:

  • When it comes to language comprehension Wyatt is in the 6-9 month age range.
  • When it comes to speech he scored in the 12-18 month range.
  • Wyatt will need to be tested for Autism because is showing some (very few) of the signs.
  • Wyatt will also need to attend speech therapy twice a week.

I am scared and trying my best to keep it all together.
It is always so hard to think something may be wrong and then hear the same thing you’re thinking come out of a doctors mouth. Even as I type this I can feel the warm tears welling up in my eyes. It’s hard to not be emotional. The first thing I want to do is blame myself. And I know that’s not fair.

The only thing I can do is suck it up and do whatever I need to do to help my son. Take him to speech therapy twice a week, take what I learn from those lessons and apply them at home, be positive, stay positive, and shower him with love.

I can do this.
I can do this.
I’m scared.
But, I can do this.

^^ I wrote this on Wyatt’s chalkboard this morning and posted it to my Instagram. I guess I didn’t know just how much I needed to hear it today.

Have you been through something similar?
Do you have advice or anything on your heart you’d like to share?
Please leave it in the comments.