It’s been exactly one month since Wyatt had his MRI.
And I haven’t written much about his Speech Delay since.

I just needed time to get away from it all, if only on the internet. Because it was really, really hard. I am however happy to report that Wyatt has been working really hard and making great progress. I think about all he’s accomplished and I can’t help but feel extremely proud of him.

He has been going to Speech Therapy every Thursday and he is now enrolled in our local school district so he can get help there too. Come fall he will have both a speech class and a home visit with a speech therapist once a week – and it’s all free! His class will go on different field trips to fun places around the area doing things that encourage language development. We are going to continue keeping him in his Thursday sessions because he just really works well with his Speech Therapist.

He has gone from a little one who didn’t make much noise – to a little one who is constantly babbling. He is trying so hard to talk – and I love when he randomly says a word – like “apple” or “momma” (my favorite).

I’m also extremely thankful for all of the support that we have gotten lately from all of you – from your comments, e-mails, even just “hearting” a photo of Wyatt on Instagram. We can definitely feel the love that you are sending out – and we greatly appreciate it.

I would also love to thank the brave mothers who shared their story this week about their own personal experience with Speech Delay. Just in case you missed any of these posts – I’ll list them below.

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Thanks again!
PS: If you are interested in sharing your speech delay story – please don’t hesitate to send me an email >> [email protected] >> I would love to feature you!