About our Beauty Contributor: I’m Angela and I blog over at Hairspray and Highheels. I’m a fun loving Jersey girl married to my best friend and trying to be a happy little housewife without burning the house down. I have a serious nail polish obsession that probably borders on hoarding. I love beauty, I love budget beauty even more & I have been blogging for a little over a year now and absolutely love every minute of it. You can find me mostly hanging out on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram further fueling my social media addiction.

I am absolutely obsessed with lotions. All lotions, really. I do however have quite a few favorites that I have come to love over the years and see as some of the best lotions out there. I’m going to share some of my favorite with you all today, let me know if we have any in common!! 
  1. Jergens Natural Glow – This is by far one of my favorite lotions as well as self-tan’s! I am absolutely obsessed with the subtle glow you get from this without the streaking. It’s pretty amazing. Jergens says it will: “give you beautiful, natural-looking color that’s just right for you with a sunless tanner odor.”
  2. Hawaiian Tropic After Sun – This is an awesome moisturizer that you can use after you have been out in the sun for awhile. If you get a bit burnt this does wonders to cool you down, and you just can’t beat the scent. Simply amazing!
  3. Malibu Tan Hemp – This is another gradual tanner that just gives you a subtle glow as well as massive amounts of hydration! It smells so tropical that I have become completely addicted to it and dependent on it during all seasons! 
  4. Suave Cocoa Butter – This is great drugstore option to combat extremely dry skin! It’s ultra hydrating and really works within days to get rid of any dry skin. 
  5. Hempz Moisturizer – I have been a fan of this lotion for years, super moisturizing and most definitely my reccomendation for when anyone is looking to invest in a good body lotion. Leaves your skin super moisturized and can even extend the life of a tan. 
  6. L’OCCITANE Hand Cream – I couldn’t write about lotions without mentioning at least one hand lotion. Hands down, the best you will ever try for dry hands. If you get nothing else from this post, go get you some of this! 
  7. Lush ‘Sympathy For The Skin’ – Obsessed with this… is an understatement. I’m completely in love, it brightens and tones! Sympathy for the Skin is probably the only banana body lotion in the universe, and almost definitely the only one with real, organic mashed bananas in it. 
  8. Victoria Secret ‘Pretty & Pure’ – Instantly moisturizes your skin and smells like lemonade and jasmine. This one is amazing!! 
What are some of YOUR favorite lotions? Let us know! 

xo, Ange