Today is a happy day, because I am able to report that Levi can now have his boots and bar off for 8 hours a day! 8 hours people! That’s a huge deal! He is now able to wiggle those toes and kick those feet for hours upon hours and it’s been great! This whole journey has been going by so fast – before I know it he will be able to be shoe-free all day and only wear them at night and when he naps.

I just feel so blessed that he is such a calm and peaceful baby. He was uncomfortable for the first two weeks of having his new shoes, but after that he became more comfortable and got back to being more like himself. Now he is able to relax with the shoes on and you wouldn’t believe how strong his leg muscles are!

It feels like just yesterday I was told Levi would have a clubfoot. And I thought the worst – I thought it would be the hardest thing in the entire world. And to be honest, it has been hard. But I am just so lucky that Levi has the temperament that he does – otherwise it could have been a lot worse I’m sure. Seeing him uncomfortable for the last (almost) four months has been rough, but seeing those little toes wiggle and those feet kick in the right direction makes up for all of it. Thank god for amazing doctors and treatments that can help little ones with clubfoot everywhere!

Levi hat & doll c/o Willa Kate & Co.