Disclosure: A Huge thanks to Kayser Chrysler Center of Watertown for sponsoring today’s post.

Hey friends! Today we’re continuing to talk cars and what vehicles are great for families! I’ve loved reading your comments on this post and I love getting different perspectives and opinions about what works for you and your family! After searching through various types and styles, I’ve narrowed it down to a few favorites (as you’ve seen in our previous posts). This will be the last post sharing a style that I like – the next post will be all about my final decision! My dream car will be revealed!

I am really loving this 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT – and actually the more I look at vans, the more I love them! Even though I swore I would never drive one – my mind is quickly being changed. These cars are just so roomy and convenient! Especially since I plan on traveling a lot with my boys as they get older. And I’m sure there will be lots of football and hockey equipment in my future to tow.

Do you drive a van?
What are the pros and cons for your family?