Disclosure: A huge thanks to LUSH cosmetics for sponsoring today’s post.

As you all know – recently I had surgery. Well one of the worst parts was not being able to relax and take a bath each night like I love. Insert the Uplifted Gift Set from LUSH. It was the perfect little gift to spruce up my showers and help me relax while recovering. Everything in it is for showers! Soap, shower jelly, shower gel, face & body scrub, and body butter!


Everything smelled SO citrus-y and amazing. The body butter has a warm buttery smell and it’s perfect for scrubbing at dry spots to leave them smooth and moisturized! The Woosh shower jelly was just what I needed to make showering fun! I didn’t feel like I was missing out by not being able to take a bath – this stuff was so cool! I love how it melted against my skin in the shower and I love the texture!

Both shower gels smelled amazing, the Dirty Springwash had an almost minty scent to it – perfect for those early morning showers. Happy Hippy Shower Gel smelled more lemon-y and again, very invigorating and perfect for a wake-up shower! The Bohemian soap smelled similar to the Happy Hippy shower Gel so I used the two of them together a lot.

And, of course – we can’t forget the Ocean Salt Cleanser. It’s like my new favorite thing, ever. It’s amazing and I use it all over. It feels great on my back and shoulders and I love scrubbing my face with it as well – it just makes me feel so clean!

Since I love all things bath & shower – I’ve created a whole new Instagram account just to showcase different products and combos that I love! You can check it out >> @bathtubadventures come on over and say hi!