Well folks, a miracle has happened!
We just heard that the tests came back NEGATIVE!
He does not have Trisomy 18.

There is still a chance that Levi will have some brain damage, and he will have to have surgery once he is born to remove the two cysts in his brain, but he will still have an amazing chance at life! They are calling him a Miracle Baby – and saying that this type of thing NEVER happens.

They will continue to monitor him throughout the next 3-4 months and we will get the full tests results back in 2 weeks. (this will show any other possible syndromes, etc). We will meet with a specialist to see how to correct his clubbed foot – and what kind of therapy, etc this will entail.

Levi is already special.
He is already strong.
And he is already feeling SO loved.

Thank you SO much for your prayers!
I will continue to keep you updated!
Kendall, William, Wyatt, & LEVI!