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Happy Monday everyone! Hope your week is off to a great start! Today we’re going to talk about road trip must-haves! Because if you have little ones, you know how difficult long car rides can be. Here are a few things that make trips easier for my family. Right now we are in the process of planning a small family vacation so if you have any other tips/items to bring, please leave them in the comments below!

  1. Sleep Sheep. Levi absolutely loves this little guy and the sounds help relax him and allow him to drift off to sleep. It’s easy to attach to his car seat handle so it is positioned perfectly for him to see.
  2. Stuffed Animals. Wyatt adores his “lovies” and can’t go anywhere without them. They comfort him and double as comfortable head rests!
  3. Baby Wipes. For small messes, cleaning up hands and faces after snacks, etc.
  4. A cooler & snacks. Keep your spending down by bringing your own snacks and drinks! You’d be surprised how fast all of those fast food trips can add up!
  5. Tablet with movies. This is when you’re desperate for some quiet driving time. Wyatt’s favorite movie is CARS and whenever it is on he is in a trance. So I’d bring this for those emergency don’t-pull-your-hair-out situations.
  6. Magna Doodle. Wyatt absolutely loves this – it’s his favorite toy of the moment and it keeps him busy for long stretches of time. Plus, I love that he is practicing holding the pen and making straight lines. Great for development!
  7. Books. Perfect for fitting in story-time in the drive!
  8. Blanket. You’ve got to have a cozy blanket while traveling! It’s just a must-have all around.
  9. Coffee. (for mom and dad). You can either make your own to bring or stop at Starbucks for a special treat to get you through the long stretch of travel!
  10. Music! Make sure you’ve got some good tunes to jam along with! We love Disney cd’s!

And my dream road-trip car – the 2014 Honda Odyssey LX (which a lot of you recommended!) from Honda of Tiffany Springs.

Did I miss anything on my must-have list?
What are your traveling must-haves?