Disclosure: We were sent the following products by Dragonfyre Apothecary for review purposes. All opinions are 100% our own.

4-5-14 037e

The boys and I were sent some products the other day from Dragonfyre Apothecary. When we opened the box I fell in love with the white and pink packaging, so cute – don’t you think? Now, as I’ve discussed before on the blog – I am very particular about what I put on my babies.

If you visit the website you will see that with each product listed – there is also a little image that gives you more information:


All of the products are organic, natural – and most importantly – free of chemicals! They’re also cruelty-free! Gotta protect our furry friends, right?

So, Levi and I put them to the test during his last bath:

4-5-14 046

4-5-14 054

The products we received were:

I really loved the products – they smelled great and were very moisturizing for Little Levi. You really can’t beat the fact that these products come with a peace of mind – I feel comfortable using them on my little ones because I know that they are safe.

4-5-14 067

4-5-14 040e

4-5-14 070

4-5-14 034e

Levi smelled so amazing after he got out of the tub. I rubbed him down with the body creme and used the salve on the dry spots that he has on his face and legs, it worked perfectly. And when you look good – you feel good. I don’t know about you, but this looks like a baby who feels great!

4-5-14 072

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