Ahhh, finally! It’s starting to warm up here in Michigan and we are absolutely LOVING IT! It’s slowly creeping toward the 60’s and we really couldn’t be happier – we have been waiting for the snow to go away for so long! Everyday now Wyatt wants to go outside and PLAY!





Wyatt has a small play cottage in the backyard that he loves – he goes inside and opens and closes the shutters, it’s pretty darn adorable. He walks around the yard under the bright sun and collects pine cones, sticks, etc and brings them to me beaming with pride. I bundle up little Levi so he can come out and enjoy the sunshine too – he really loves having his afternoon bottle outside!




I am loving these special moments we have each day. Just time for us to be together and run out some of that afternoon energy! Our dog Emma is always outside with us too – and she just adores the boys so it’s always a pleasure to see them all interact with each other.

What’s the weather like where YOU are?