One pretty amazing thing about blogging is the feeling you get when you hit “publish”.

It’s like ear-marking the page of a good book – a physical reminder of a certain portion or passage that you just really want to always remember. That’s what a blog post is for me.

Blogging for me has always been an outlet, something I could do to feel better, to pause just to appreciate my life, and to pull me out of whatever darkness I had found myself in. I’ve been through some pretty rough times and I can honestly say that having a blog has helped get me through so many of them. I feel like in this space I can be honest, brave, and I can say what’s on my mind. I know that the relationships I’ve made in this space are ones of great support and encouragement. So many of you have stuck with me for years now and I just wish that I could meet you all in person to tell you how much that support has meant.

Some people monitor what they say online very closely and often times hold the “big” things in their lives back. Well, I’m almost the complete opposite – and I am glad. Because if I wouldn’t have opened up about Wyatt’s speech and sensory delays – I wouldn’t have met all of the amazing mothers out there who like me are struggling with the same challenges. If I wouldn’t have talked about Levi’s journey – I wouldn’t have connected with others who have told similar stories. And most recently, If I wouldn’t have talked about my upcoming hysterectomy and Endometriosis I wouldn’t have been able to talk with others who are suffering.

It’s such a beautiful thing, these connections – and I am so grateful for them. Even though no one in my family really quite understands what blogging is or how one “blogs”. But, that’s okay – because this space is mine, not theirs. And it sometimes feels nice just to have a place that is just for me. 99% of my day is lived for those around me but this space, the blank screen, the clicking of the keyboard, this is a place that I can come to soak it all in.

Blogging has also become a way that I can help support my family. It’s something that I never even thought about when I created the blog back in 2011, but now that it’s here and it’s an option – it’s pretty incredible. It blows my mind that I can do something that I love and get paid for it, I’ve never had a job that I’ve loved before. So having the opportunity to do something I really enjoy and being able to stay home with my boys has made my heart so incredibly grateful. I also have spent the past few years doing Virtual Assistant work which has forced me to learn and really appreciate all that goes into having a blog, promoting it, etc.

(If you have any questions about being a Virtual Assistant – please leave them in the comments! I’d love to write another post addressing them!)

Blogging has also given me confidence in myself. I’ve grown so much just by reflecting on my experiences – and I love that I can just flip back to a particular period in my life to re-live it again. Like the first post after Wyatt was born, or when we first realized that Levi was going to be okay. It’s pretty much the best scrapbook ever.

So tell me – if you have a blog – what has it done for you?
Why do you love it?
I’d love to hear your thoughts!